Visions and Thought: Gallery at Dietrich theater

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Snow was falling in large, lazy flakes sticking to ledges, coats, and sidewalks. It wasn't even Halloween. I loaded my truck, after brushing away its powdery coat, and headed to town. Parking in front of the Dietrich theater, I looked at the clock capped in snow and tree limbs that grew fat and heavy.

While jack-o-lanterns sat abandoned on porches hidden beneath a wintery mix, I unloaded my truck and ventured inside to begin setting up. Earlier in October, the Scranton Cultural Center hosted a gallery of my photography to benefit the flood-damaged Deatrich in Tunkhannock. Members of the theater's board stopped by and, after viewing my work, asked if I'd be interested in showing at the theater itself.

Now through the month of November (and quite possibly a portion of December) a gallery of my work, entitled Visions and Thought, hangs in the Sherwood Gallery at the Dietrich theater in Tunkhannock. Photos that I have taken through the years are accompanied with my own words in an attempt to convey personal experience and thoughts about the moment captured.

All work is up for sale and, if you stop by and happen to be interested, my contact information is available here and at the theater. For more information about the Dietrich, call 570-836-1022 or visit The theater is located at 60 East Tioga Street in Tunkhannock, PA, 30 minutes from both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.