The new look

Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This isn't the first blog I've had. This isn't the first place I've exposed my jumbled writings. This is, however, a place I hope to keep updated unlike my previous sites.

I'm a writer of many interests. Journalism, music, creative fiction, photography and a myriad of other studies. I like to write about all of my interests and sometimes I like to create a story. I'm currently acting as the news editor on my college newspaper, The Keystone. Don't pay much attention to the site, it's rarely updated at the moment and were working on a new design.

I also publish my creative works online on I also have an old blog on blogger titled Digital Cannibalism. As you can see, I haven't updated it in a while.

I am now interning at the Morning Call in Allentown, PA as a special sections editor. The job has presented me with a style of writing that I have not yet done, so it's been interesting.

I hope to keep this blog more active than my last.

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