The first ride and published work

Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted in , , , , , , , , , , , | Posted on Monday, April 04, 2011

The first ride
 Dust-covered chrome, 
a lazy blanket remains
from a Winter's rest.

Two hours, patience,
two bottles and a cut-up

Stubborn to wake.
Starved for pulses of 

Force-fed juice from
steel-cranking mass.

Roars to rumbling life.
Breathe in Spring day
and kiss with flame.

Cowhide jacket, gloved
hands gripping. 
Cradled in saddle.

Grab reins and 
twist spurs.
Twin horses gallop.

Snaking road along
muddy river gorged
on mountain springs.

Wind comes rushing
with double-yellow
veins on asphalt.

Taste of sun and
bursting life, waking
to the thaw.

Echoes of throaty roar
bouncing from rock-face
through valley.

Taking in, with every
mile, forgotten, roaming
freedom of cowhands.

Journeys of travellers
seeking new sights.
Expanses of life.

Mile after mile,
along a wandering path.
Riding on.


April is National Poetry month. You've probably been made aware of this by hundreds of other blog postings and Facebook updates containing snippets torn from Shakespeare, Poe, Angelou and Frost (I had enough of that through winter). Not surprising since setting aside a single month dedicated to poetry caters mostly to those who, in their daily life, think little, if not nothing, about poetry. To save you the trouble of being bludgeoned with the same spiel from another writer who will tell you that every month, day and hour is somehow related to poetry (and writing as a whole), I'll end my rant now.

The warm weather has finally set in and the above piece was inspired by my first ride of the year. It's always an incredible feeling to jump on the bike and head on down the road, but that first ride after a long, cold and miserable winter is always a bit more special.

Today, the Young American Poets blog published one of my pieces entitled "Heart in a foxhole". You can read it here. The YAP blog publishes work from American poets born in 1972 and later. There are some great writers being showcased over there so, after you finish reading my piece, browse around. There should be something there for everyone. Also, check out their sister site, Young British Poets.

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