October off to a good start

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Central display at my gallery.
It was a beautiful night this past Friday in Scranton for October's First Friday events and, with the help of some incredible people at the Scranton Cultural Center, my debut gallery benefiting the Dietrich theater went off without a hitch. Between the bake sale held in conjunction, personal donations and the sale of two of my pieces, the event raised approximately $500. 

Throughout the night, I was approached by many in attendance who offered great feedback and, more interestingly, stories of Tunkhannock and life in general during and after the flood. 

The general buzz and interest in my photography work has given me the push I believe I needed to take it a bit more serious. For a long time, I neglected my camera in favor of the pen and other pursuits. Though I'm not sure why. Training my eye on different subjects allows me to inspect them more closely and, in turn, study my surroundings and life more intimately. Ultimately, it combines with my writing to give me clarity in certain aspects. 

The ladies from the Dietrich have also asked me to hang my work at the theater and, as soon as I get in touch with them, the details will be ironed out and announced here and on my Twitter account. 

Following the gallery there, I will more than likely begin to sell some of my work online. I've yet to figure out exactly how to go about that, but ideas for a full-fledged site and such have been rolling about my skull. Below are two of the prints I sold at this past weekend's gallery.

Alley at Night
Alongside the Dietrich, an alleyway is illuminated
in a way that makes the brick and mortar come to life.
 The bricks almost breathe with pulsing life in the 
constant glow of a single bulb.

Steam Engine at Riverside
In the morning, I wake to the hollow, 
echoing sound of an iron ghost bouncing
from ridge line to ridgeline. I can hear the
grinding of the wheels along the snaking
 tracks. Smoke billows from the stack 
and hangs lightly in the air tracing its path.

I may post images of work I have done here on my blog with ways to purchase prints for now until something more concrete comes along. However, if you are interested in seeing what I have to offer or in purchasing a print of those pictured here, feel free to email me. Contact information can be found on my contact page.

Thank you to all of the people who stopped by and especially my dear friends who came out to show their support. An extra thanks to those of you who donated and to those who purchased my work. To those of you who shared stories about the flood and life in Tunkhannock and also those who complimented me on my work, I thank you as well.

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I'm glad I stopped by. I've enjoyed your thoughts and look forward to more. Your prints are fantastic. I'm partial to the Steam Engine at Riverside. Trains fascinate me.

Nice to meet you,


Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.



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