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On another dreary, rain-filled day in what's supposed to be winter, my coffee steams up from the stoneware glass in front of me. I've accomplished one thing this week which I set my mind to. The alarm on my phone only had to rind a half as much as it did yesterday to rouse me from my bed. I've finally gotten up prior to ten. Though, I have been sleeping better. Maybe in part due to the enjoyable weekend.

Saturday, I had a chance to read at the Hawley Silk Mill in Hawley, PA. The Mill, native blue stone and mortar constructed in 1880, stands like an inviting castle on a tight corner of Route 6. Interesting facts about the building are numerous: largest blue stone building in the world, housed one of the most technologically advanced and most powerful electrical grids of the time, and burned down in 1890 only to be resurrected.

I digress. Within the confines of this beautiful piece of Pennsylvania history is Harmony, an art space created and run by the talented Jill Carletti ( Jill hopes to turn this past weekend's poetry reading, which featured the talented Alexis Belluzzi and myself, into regular event at Harmony. Attendance was promising for her vision as Harmony was filled with people. After our initial readings and a short break, Jill opened the mic to anyone in attendance who felt the urge to share some of their own words. I always love being surprised by an incredible writer out of the blue. 

Post poetry, the night was celebrated with incredible eats at Cora's in Hawley and amazingly crafted, and dangerously delicious, home-brewed beer. I've got to get that fellow's name and information again. It seems almost blasphemous that my refrigerator has none of the Blonde Ale or Stout waiting for me.

Anyone around the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and NEPA region, remember that the January edition of Prose in Pubs at Jack's Draft House in Scranton happens this upcoming Sunday at 7 p.m. See my earlier post about the poets who will be joining me that night in serving out words.

My photography gallery has been removed from the Dietrich theater in Tunkhannock. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take a look at it and for those who offered their kind words and compliments. That goes for those of you who enjoyed my reading at Harmony as well. 

As for any type of book, I've been working hard at getting enough poetry around to fill one. Poetry that I'm satisfied with enough, that is. As for right now, you can visit my "Published Work" section to read a few pieces which have been published.

Now that this small update is out of the way, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 


Purchase Alexis Belluzzi's chapbook "Practicing Distance":

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