"Passerine" published in Full of Crow

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Recently, my new poem, entitled "Passerine", was accepted for publication in the October 2012 issue of Full of Crow Poetry. Full of Crow Poetry is edited by Lynn Alexander who I had the pleasure of receiving a personal correspondence from after submitting. Lynn collects and eclectic mix of poetry from all over the world for Full of Crow Poetry and you can check out the rest of the submissions, as well as mine, at this link: Full of Crow Poetry October 2012

For information about submissions, visit the Full of Crow submission page here.

We are looking for content that is bold and unapologetic,
 presented in thoughtful and purposeful ways. We like work 
that touches on the surreal, the mythic… enduring themes 
and images that are rooted in something deeply personal
 but connect to something transcending and universal. 
As many editors say, we know what it is when we see it.
~Full of Crow staff


For more of my published work, visit my 'published work' page.


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