An update: Upcoming readings and this damn blog

Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted in , , , , , , | Posted on Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's been quite a while. About nine months, to be exact. It seems as though I had forgotten this blog and left it to rot among the piles of other worthless sites. Originally, I wanted to keep this blog away from my creative writing, but that seems to be the only type of writing I really do anymore. Every once in a while I get the urge to write a commentary, but not nearly enough to fill this blog.

Since my creative writing seems to be rolling along at the moment, I've decided to make this blog more of an outlet for just about anything I do. All inclusive, if you will.
As far as my writing goes, I've finally gotten around to getting it out there for the public. Whether or not they'll like it is another story. If I can get a few people to stick around and listen, that's a few more than I would expect to.

Author and poet Brian Fanelli and I met at a Barrelhouse reading not to long ago and got to talking about readings. Through a few E-mails and a bit of "your read mine and I'll read yours", we've planned a few readings together along with a few other local writers.

No definite dates have been set, but the first one will be taking place prior to the holiday if all goes well. A date for that will manifest shortly. Two other readings have been set for the February and March during Scranton's First Friday. March's reading will be taking place at the Vintage Theater. More specifics to come.

Now, if I can keep focused, I may update this damn place every once in a while.

'Til then, cheers.
d.r. wilsey jr.

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