A surprising treat at First Friday

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What an incredibly filled weekend. Beginning with Scranton First Friday, a bad alternator, replacing said alternator, breakfast at Sky Haven airport this morning and ending with Bluegrass fiddles and banjos at the NEPA Bluegrass Festival. I've got some writing and other, less important things to do. But first, a treat.

Chip Forelli 

There is one thing that I must mention about First Friday. Chip Forelli. Some of you may already know about him. Especially those with Apple computers. Chip Forelli, a photographer who's work spans 25 years, is the featured artist at Camera Work gallery in Scranton. He produces some of the most amazing black and white photographs I've seen in a while.

My creative quest is the discovery of visual gifts - those precious instances of unrevealed beauty that  we unknowingly encounter every day.  Much is to be gained by embracing these opportunities. 

That's not your average, artistic banter either. Chip's images range from mysterious and perplexing to absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. In a medium which is becoming over-saturated with bland, cliche and overly Photoshoped work, Chip's images are a breath of fresh air. His long exposures bring an ethereal, dream-like aura into the image captured. A moment in time, seemingly captured in the stillness of the print, begins to play out right before your eyes.

Chip Forelli
Although I didn't get a chance to speak with Chip, I overheard him talking about one of the pieces on display at Camera Work. The image is a frozen, snow-covered lake. Two sets of footprints begin in the foreground together before moving apart creating separate paths to destinations unknown. When asked if he had created the prints himself, Chip commented that the scene portrayed in the photo was found that way. "Two people had a disagreement and went their separate ways," said Chip. A much more insightful and interesting answer than "I don't know".

Chip Forelli
The gallery is on display until June 29th and is free to the public. Anyone heading to the Scranton Zine Fest, where myself and a few other writer/poets will be reading, will be able to check it out.

Chip Forelli

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