A bit of an update

Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted in , , | Posted on Saturday, February 12, 2011

Along with the new look of this place, I've added some separate pages with contact info, any readings that I may be part of and a bit about myself and the town in which I've grown up in and currently live. It's a lazy Saturday afternoon and my internet connection is being rather uncooperative, so I've decided to step away from the computer for a while now that I've accomplished what I set out to do today on this machine. Safe journeys and good times to you all this weekend.


Magic Hat "Encore" for those of you curious.

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Im more of a Magic Hat Circus Boy girl myself, but good to see you put your Saturday to good use regardless.

This was part of the Winter Sampler pack. It had Encore, No. 9, Howl and one from the Odd Notions series. Good stuff. I believe I've had Circus Boy before too.

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