Random images of a lazy Sunday

Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted in , , , , | Posted on Sunday, February 06, 2011

Flea markets contain the most peculiar characters
strewn throughout the grid of vendors 
where treasures are found buried amongst
carefully constructed piles of the past.

My niece is an expert at making me smile
at any time no matter what thoughts are
meandering through my mind or troubling
my heart.  

A relic of my father's childhood sits in the pasture
behind us where, as a child, I roamed around 
on the back of our pony, Velvet, and 
climbed about the hayloft in the barn.

The '51 has seen better lazy Sundays
dragging my father and his sisters to and from 
church and across the dusty dirt roads of
Tunkhannock's outskirts.

It's small sights like this, hidden away between
shadows or around corners, that you'll miss 
if you're always looking for the end of the 
path and never take a moment to
rest and look around.

Wandering amongst the trees,
with only a slight breeze and the rustling
of critters looking for a mid-winter snack,
brings me a moment of peace.

The sun never fails to peak around trunks
and shine through the pines up on the hill.
One day, I hope to look out of my front window
here in the pasture and see this view.


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I love flea markets, so many treasures.
Beautiful photo of you and your niece, she's precious.
And your dad's car, my gosh it's cool! It still runs?

It doesn't run anymore. However, it probably wouldn't take much to get the old Chevy motor turning over. It's the rest of the car that is beyond saving, really. Well, beyond any time I have right now.

Oh bummer. Well she sure is pretty so hopefully one day you can make her run again. They just don't make cars like that anymore. But then again they don't make anything like they used to. I love the fact you still use a typewriter.

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