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Posted by Dale Wilsey Jr. | Posted in , , , , , , | Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

This blog has not been forsaken. I've been trying to work through this writer's block (I still hate that term) that I've been having lately. That, and I've been pulled in every direction possible and bludgeoned by another arctic blast of cold and snow. It's about time the warm air move in.

In other news, I finally dragged my ass to the eye doctor after a seven (possibly eight) year hiatus of eye exams. Not much has changed besides the fact that I'm worse off by a fraction in my one eye. I can't remember which. All I know is that I've got new glasses and, with them, I have slightly better than 20/20 vision. Three cheers for not being blind.

Tonight, I celebrated a very dear friend's birthday while reminiscing over a delicious beer named "Old Leghumper". Who could resist trying a beer with that name? Also, I got to see the band Girls Galore perform tonight for the first time. My dear friend's significant other is in the band. More on them coming in a future post. Good tunes, though. I'm surprised I didn't spend money on records while in the venue, though. You couldn't capture my wallet this time, Embassy Records.

First Friday in March I'll be reading at the Vintage Theater. More on that as well, later.

Cheers for now.

Just for the hell of it.

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Writers block always sucks. Things take three times as long to write, feel forced, and when you read it back a week later wonder what the fuck you were thinking when you wrote that pile of crud.

I wonder why it's called leghumper. Kind of scares me a little bit, haha.

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